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Sandy has successfully treated my dog Pip on a number of occasions for stiffness in his hind legs and back. As Pip is a pretty shy fellow, Sandy adjusted her approach to his individual personality, making sure that he was comfortable at all times and therefore getting maximum benefit from the treatment.THE BENEFIT TO PIP WAS IMMEDIATE!

His movement was noticeably freer and more fluid after the treatments, so that he was able to get out and enjoy his favorite thing; a run around the park.

Sophie Emtage

I've always been skeptical of alternative treatments, especially when it comes to our precious horses. We've used a few different treatments over the years with varying results, some with no results at all.

Sandy happened to be at our farm on a few occasions where we had an issue with a horse, and without fail, each treatment, there was visible results. Some of the 'cures' that Sandy has achieved here have been nothing short of astounding. I don't know how these results come about, but I do know that they are directly resulting from Sandy's healing touch.

Our first point of call for almost any ailment is usually Sandy

Adam King

Is it a coincidence? Is it a miracle? No! It's Sandy Waugh - Super Therapist.

The accident on New Years Eve morning 2009 is entirely my fault. Not only do I encourage poor Bella (10 year old Kelpy/Staffy bitch) to chase the tennis ball on wet grass, it is me who actually throws it.

As she spins around to meet the ball, her rear left leg slides out from under her, placing great stress on her right knee. She just stands there on three legs, panting heavily. Oh no! After the dash to the Vet, the news is all doom, gloom, and expense. A ruptured cruciate ligament requiring surgery is the diagnosis. This procedure comes without guarantee of success, and the dire warning of Arthritis in the future.

With concern for my baby's 'slightly' aged organs, particularly regarding the amount of morphine based pain relief required, I seek the opinion of 'so-called' natural Vets. Disappointingly, they share the opinion of the traditional Vets. Although true to their name, they do have an alternative.

A new procedure called, 'Prolotherapy' is now available. This operation involves injecting an otherwise non-pharmacological, and non-active irritant solution into the body. The irritant causes scar tissue to form, which provides the necessary support for the knee to function correctly. Like the surgery, this procedure comes without any guarantee, and the promise of Arthritis in the future.

Again, it's all, doom, gloom, and money. Both of these invasive treatments require serious pain relief for roughly twelve weeks. Time to hit the 'Net' for some research. Seeking blogs written by others in this unfortunate situation, I discover some encouraging information. This sends me on the hunt for a therapist.

Now Sandy enters the picture. Explaining that she had previously helped only one small dog with the same type of injury. She warns that she is unsure of her effectiveness with a larger dog. Fortunately for Bella, I trust my instincts, and act upon them when deciding to pursue the 'Bowen method' with Sandy.

At her first appointment, Bella is hopping on three legs and in much pain. Five months of regular visits to Petersham later, and my precious baby is completely recovered. Running, and jumping are activities she can indulge in once again. This includes the ability to stand up on her back legs in an attempt to steal food of tables!

Bella's love, and appreciation for Sandy is evident. Being a rescue dog, she is not good with strangers. Never the less, at that first appointment - and after Sandy started working - Bell turned around and licked her in gratitude. With the exception of the licking, I feel the same.

Thank you Sandy.

Trish Haywood - Northern Beaches, Sydney

Our dog Jimmy began limping on his back leg as though his hip had become inflamed. Despite anti-inflamitories and gentle exercise he was not getting any better.

We found Sandy through dog walking networks and she agreed to give him a Bowen treatment. Really the change in Jimmy was AMAZING! Sandy located the source of the problem not in his hips but further up the spine towards his neck. After two treatments he began to walk normally again.

Since then Jimmy has, like all dogs, sprained ligaments or other related injuries, and each time we return to Sandy for her skill, gentle but firm manner with Jimmy and her ability to diagnose accurately.... and she is much cheaper than a Vet!

Michael West