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Small Animal Bowen

The healing energy of Bowen acts inside the body the same way for dogs, cats, horses and humans. In fact, any animal with muscles and tendons can be treated, utilising the body’s own ability to repair. Activated by small moves with fingers and thumbs, and very light pressure, Bowen encourages the body to strengthen its own energy signals to renew and heal.

Dogs learn to trust the effects of Bowen and are often so eager for their next treatment, even presenting their backs in a perfect way for the next move. Some look back over their shoulder at me as if to say, "okay, go ahead".

Prior to commencing a session with an animal, we ALWAYS take time to gain their confidence, to keep them relaxed and thus encourage their co-operation. This is vital for achieving the full benefit of a treatment. Small animal Bowen is a wonderful therapy for all small animals. It is not painful; and pauses between moves allow the animal to feel what is happening.

The benefits of Bowen include:

  • Relieving muscle spasm and strain
  • Assisting organ function
  • Alleviating immune disorders
  • Relieving arthritic inflammation
  • Clearing respiratory systems
  • It can also assist with bloat and colic conditions if attended to immediately

The list is endless!

Aside from small animal Bowen we also provide Equine Bowen for horses.

Animals love Bowen and you will get excellent results.

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