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Sandy Waugh - Bowen Therapist

My first love was a horse. All animals are now my passion.

I have had many jobs throughout my life, including; operating a family-owned dry cleaning business, working in and managing motels, working on properties, veterinary assistant with surgery included, animal wrangler and trainee stunt rider in the film industry, and with my life partner, a catering business in the film industry.

Throughout all these years, I used herbs and natural medicines whenever I could for my animals and myself. As a result, the evidence and knowledge that they support and complement modern medicine has been reinforced in me.

During my catering years I discovered Bowen Therapy. Any job in hospitality is hard on the body, but driving your kitchen around the country and cooking and cleaning for long days before driving home again, was a huge strain on the body.

I so often needed my Bowen therapist and the results I received from this remarkable treatment convinced me that I had found the answer to my dreams - to help animals.

Since then, I have studied:

  • Bowen Therapy: With the Bowen Academy of Australia (now known as Bowtech).
  • Crystal Therapy: With Janine Flynn. Janine studied under Edmond Harold, a world-renowned teacher of Crystal channelling and author.
  • Bowen for animals: With Jenny Pearce of The A T Horse Hospital. Jenny holds workshops on Natural Horsemanship and Spirit of Horse.
  • Reiki: With Karen Workman of Gendai Reikiho, practitioner and master.

With Human Bowen, Equine Bowen, Small Animal Bowen, Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing I realised I could fulfil my childhood dream:

Not only to help people but to work with animals.