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Bowen Therapy, the gentle healer

Bowen Therapy is a healing modality that uses the body’s own life force to "do its job better". The technique involves a series of small, non-invasive moves over muscles and tendons using fingers and thumbs only, and very light pressure.

Interacting with the body's energy patterns, it sets up a response that balances and renews – effectively re-setting the muscles.

With each move, Bowen works on many levels at once (surface fascia, deep muscles, organs and meridians), making it a truly holistic treatment. It is a simple, gentle, yet POWERFUL healing tool that encourages the body, mind and spirit to repair itself.

The body is an amazing entity, with an extraordinary capacity to self-heal. From the beginning of its life, each cell in the body knows what its job is and continues doing that for the rest of its life. Through injury and build up of toxins, or the normal stress of life, the body sometimes slows down in its own ability to sort things out. Bowen works directly on the body’s own signals from cell to brain, helping to restore this natural healing process.

Bowen is effective for:

  • Muscle spasm and strain, both recent and long-term
  • Pelvic alignment
  • Organ function
  • Immune disorders
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Stress

And so much more! Every function of the body will benefit from Bowen.

Aside from Bowen for animals we also provide Bowen for humans.